To reduce the Code Review effort on Pull Requests

engineer’s 1 day

Let’s start the when before opening Pull Request (1)

baby Pull Request

Now we are in the second part when opening the Pull Request(2)


Finally, now we opened our Pull Request. What do we need to do?

M.I = 2147483647 :)

About the Pull Request Content

magnificent scroll bar
white reviewer ^_^
  • it takes for the reviewer to find a big enough slot of time
  • require multiple reviews
  • more chance the review will exceed an hour
  • bigger the risk that the requirements will change before the code is released
  • to have to re-review t the whole pull request if some little part of it fails
  • more chance of a merge conflict
  • longer it will take to get the code into production
  • reduces risk
  • reduces cycle time
  • reduces variability in flow
  • accelerates feedback
  • reduces bug
  • reduces conflicts
  • reduce code review time :)

as a result





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